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At the initial court appearance, Mr. Rothstein convinced the prosecutor to give the client an ACD with one court treatment session followed by an immediate dismissal and sealing. The police arrested the client for allegedly assaulting the complaining witness PL Rothstein pushed for trial arguing that the complaining witness had strong motivation to lie given that the DA was prosecuting his son for felony gun possession.


The police arrested the client for alleged drunk driving after finding him behind the wheel of his car that was parked in a bus stop VTL Although the client blew a. The police arrested the client for allegedly stealing money from his roommate, who he rented to PL The client provided Mr. Rothstein advised the client not to accept any plea deal.

What is an ACD in New York State

When the complaining witness failed to cooperate with the prosecution they asked the Judge to dismiss the case. The client tripped while walking past a large commercial building when a worker pulled on a hose he was using to clean the sidewalk.

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Rothstein promptly move for partial summary judgment on the issue of liability. The court granted the motion and now interest is accruing on the claim, which will either increase the award if the case goes to trial or create leverage in any settlement negotiations. The firm filed a Freedom of Information Act request in connection with its representation of the Estate of a woman who was killed by a hit and run driver. After a few months of promising to provide the records sought, the Police Officer suddenly denied the request on the ground that the case was still open in the the NYPD computer.

Rothstein explained that the prosecution was long over and requested that the Officer check if this was just an administrative error or if further investigation was actually ongoing. When the Officer declined to do so Mr. Rothstein filed an immediate appeal. The client sought mental health therapy after his mother died. When the client sued for a portion of the business Mr.

Rothstein filed a counterclaim for negligence. The therapist objected to providing Mr.

Rothstein obtained a court order. The process server claimed he made substituted service at an address the client had not lived at in a long time. When the process server filed a second affidavit of service regarding a different document a couple of weeks later saying he was unable to effect service because the person at the home said the client moved away, Mr.

Rothstein moved to dismiss the case based on lack of service. The police arrest the client, a truck driver, and issued him a Desk Appearance Ticket for driving with a suspended license. Rothstein had the client get his driving abstract from DMV, which showed no active suspensions. After sending it to the DA, the prosecutor informed Mr.

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The client did not know about this second ID and promptly cleared the suspension. After a car stop for an unsafe lane change, the police arrested the client upon spotting drugs in his car PL Rothstein negotiated an ACOD with 1 day of community service and the Judge agreed to dismiss and seal the case in three days to allow the time for the client to perform the community service. The client will be reinstated at the Department of Education. Rothstein convinced the DA to drop the felony because while the defendants might have shoplifted at the same time, there was no proof they were assisting each other or wore the same size so they could share the stolen goods.

Once the DA reduced the charge, she offered the client a plea to Disorderly Conduct with a permanent waiver of sealing, community service, and a fine. On the next date, the prosecutor offered the client an ACOD with community service, which the client accepted. What started as a felony will end up being dismissed and sealed. The client slipped and fell in his bathroom in the middle of the night due to an overflowing toilet. The toilet had often overflowed several times in the months prior and the client had notified the landlord multiple times.

New York States ACD Law Adjournment In Contemplation Of Dismissal

Several days later, the client fell asleep on his couch and woke up paralyzed. As trial neared rumors surfaced that the carrier was headed for liquidation and Mr. Shortly after the file was transferred to the Liquidation Bureau, Mr. After months of effort, Mr. The police arrested the client for multiple counts of assault, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment PL The client is about the start the final year of a medical fellowship and he faced loss of that job, which would have caused him to lose his visa and require him to leave the country.

After fruitless negotiations with the ADA, Mr. Rothstein spoke with her supervisor and convinced her to move to dismiss the case. The police arrested the client for grand larceny after he was seen on surveillance video stealing a court at his gym. The coat had credit cards in the pocket so the client was charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree PL The ADA initially offered the client a misdemeanor plea because the client lied to the police about the matter.

Rothstein took the client to meet with the prosecutor where he was fully truthful and remorseful about his conduct. After several rounds of negotiations, Mr. Rothstein got the client a deal where he pled guilty to disorderly conduct a violation and will do 4 days of community service.

If he stays out of trouble for 6 months the client will be able to withdraw the plea and get an ACD so the case should end up getting dismissed. The police arrested the client for alleged drunk driving just after he entered his car VTL The DA charged the client with a felony because he had a prior dui conviction within the past 10 years. The client had a blood alcohol level of. Rothstein than had the client do demonstrative videos that he submitted to the prosecutor.

Manhattan ACD Lawyer | NYC Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal

The police arrested the client for first and second degree assault PL Rothstein to take over the defense. Rothstein reviewed the discovery materials and found significant inconsistencies in the witness descriptions. In addition, when the case got assigned to a favorable Judge, Mr. Rothstein recommended that the client waive his right to a jury trial and allow the Judge to decide the case.

After conducting the trial over parts of seven days, the Judge agreed with Mr. Rothstein that the DA failed to prove the IDs beyond a reasonable doubt and found the client not guilty of all charges. The police issued the clients pink summonses for public exposure PL The Judge granted Mr. The police arrested the client for shoplifting from a store PL The client has a pending job offer and is not a citizen. Based on these factors, Mr. Rothstein made a motion to dismiss the case in the interests of justice, which is rarely granted.

The police arrested the client on two separate assault cases PL Both cases had the same complaining witness, who was also arrested for assaulting the client.


During the litigation, Mr. Rothstein gave the prosecutor production footage showing that the complaining witness lied. After several months of litigation, Mr.

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Rothstein convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the cases. In , the police gave the client a pink summons for public urination PHL The client did not live in the United States, plead guilty by mail, and has not returned to the US since the incident. As the client is arriving here in two days, and did not know if the court processed his guilty plea, he reached out to Mr. Rothstein, who immediately determined there was a bench warrant for the client.

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  • Given the circumstances, Mr. Rothstein convinced the Judge to vacate the warrant and dismiss the case. The police arrested the client for shoplifting PL Rothstein negotiated an ACD with one day of community service and convinced the Judge to seal the case in two weeks as the client was looking for a new job. Rothstein negotiated an ACD with one day of community service. The client did not live in New York so he convinced the Judge to excuse his appearance and the DA to allow him to do the community service privately.