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LightMesh offers the same functionality as other IPAM tools and can be a simple solution for many different enterprise environments. The tool is built for simplicity, which many admins will appreciate, while others may prefer a bit more customizable and detailed dashboard. IP address management is a complicated beast. Admins must keep track of which device has which IP, whether the IPs are static or dynamic, whether any IPs are reserved when IPs were assigned, and so on.

Excel spreadsheets can manage the bulk of this if the business is small and if the number of devices stays relatively static. However, as an enterprise grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage IP addresses manually, and effective IP address management becomes important for several key reasons.

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The price is right, and the tool is built with every size of organization in mind. It provides great core functionality with an easy-to-use interface and customizable features. Plus, you get great customer support. For businesses looking to get started with IP management, I suggest starting with one of the free SolarWinds options to explore the advantages for yourself. Ultimate Guide to Network Monitoring — If you need further information on how to monitor your network and keep it healthy and secure, check out this post.

It includes information for beginners, as well as more advanced network professionals. Finally, your personal information can be used together with IP tracking to steal both from your bank account and even your home. While this is something related more to businesses than to individual internet users, IP spamming can happen to anyone that is targeted.

How to Use the IP Geolocation Tool

It works by creating a bunch of programs that are all made to send useless, empty, or even malicious data to your IP address. Also, your IP address can be hijacked and used as a spamming waypoint, placing you on a spammer list and disabling your access to multiple services. Like most people, you are probably paying monthly or weekly bills to your ISP for that internet connection and using your name, address, or maybe even credit card information.

This means that a hacker can use your IP to match it with a bill paid to that ISP, finding out your name, as well as many other data points. Having your IP public opens you out for targeted attacks.

IP Logger - IP Tracker Tool

In most cases, you will be noticed by some hacker or criminal group, either because of your social media posts or by making your shopping lists public. As they already have your name and the IP of the device that made the posts, they believe that it will be very easy to track down your other information and DOX you. And, if you are not using a VPN, it is very easy.

trace anyone exact location using ip address only

They just need to use an IP address lookup, and they will see much of your info right there. An IP lookup tool is even free and accessible online. The least troublesome but most annoying issue when having any IP on any device public is that you are opening yourself to spamming and malware.

It will just be added to a list and used to send any information, at any possible time, to your IP. As previously mentioned, one of the steps in hacking your bank account is finding out your home address. This alone can be quite a problem as it may give burglars and other criminals a general idea if there is any security in your home and if you are sometimes out of the house. They can even follow you on social media and wait until you tell them that you are out, using that time to break into your home and take anything of value. This can become an even bigger issue if you were targeted and posted pictures, making a burglar come into your home, which often leads to violence.

Aside from your personal safety and information, there are also dangers that will impact your devices, even if you never experience any problems on your person. This can end up in stealing your content, your data, your information, but can also be used to hijack your devices to do other things.

The real issues with any IP address tracker are when they are following your mobile devices, as that is basically telling everyone your exact situation at the moment. Conspiracy theorists have long argued that the government is going to install chips in us and track us wherever we go. Triangulation is an incorrect term in this case, as it is a remnant from the time where you needed to hack three reception towers to get an approximate location of a mobile phone user.

Now, with mobile data, there is literally a satellite in orbit tracking your phone to a radius of about 3 feet.


If criminals know your geographical location and when there is a long list of issues you may have, anything from burglary to kidnapping is on the table as you are announcing to everyone what is your current location. Unlike desktops and laptops that usually run some sort of firewall bundled with the operating system, mobile devices are much more susceptible to attacks.

Especially for faster and newer phones, you might not even experience a slowdown of the machine, which will be running monitoring apps. Same as with malware sent to you over your email, your connected device can be spammed and bombarded with malicious software, as well as just bloatware. While this is not dangerous even with average levels of cybersecurity, it is bothersome and annoying. Thankfully, it is not that hard to stop your IP address from being tracked.

Because of address changes, it is necessary to automate the mapping between the host names and IP address that are held in your networks Domain Name Server.

So, dynamic addressing requires automation tools. On the other hand, having to manually assign an address for each computer, mobile device and printer connected to the network can become very time consuming for administrators of large networks. As a small network grows, the recording of IP address allocations needs to be very strictly controlled. Any slip-ups in the listing of assigned addresses can result in networking disasters. So, you are going to need tools to help monitor IP address allocation even in small networks.

IP Address Tracking

The IP Address Manager is needed in order to check on the addresses that are currently live on the network and match the current status up to the records in the DHCP server. An IP address scanner is just going to give you more or less the same information that you got from the arp command. There are a few IP address scanner tools that can add on a little extra information and present them in a more attractive format.

A good scanner tool should also allow you to save results to a file so you can compare IP address usage over time or reconcile address usage with your DNS server and DHCP server if you get to the point where these functions are managed away from the router. Most IP address scanners just add a front end to that arp command you tried yourself. An alternative method uses a utility called Ping and runs the command repeatedly to see which addresses respond.

This category of software is called a Ping sweep tool.

Why is my IP visible - How to disable IP address tracker? | Le VPN

If a tool just sweeps the network and lists current addresses, strictly speaking, that is an address scanner. If you have a small network with static IP addresses, then a list of IP addresses currently in use on the network may be all the address tracking you need. The basic task of scanning for the addresses currently in use is a necessary network management responsibility because it enables you to check for unauthorized connections. However, just to be sure, periodic scans of the network should be performed. If you operate a system that allows anyone to connect, such as a BYOD wifi router for the private use of employees, then it is advisable to check on the addresses of the devices connected to the network and keep a log of them.

To give you an idea of the type of information you can get from an IP address scanner or a Ping sweep tool, take a look at these two tools:. The output of a scan shows the IP Address of each device on the network , together with the hostname and the contact response time. To get a look at how a Ping sweep tool operates you could try out the SolarWinds Ping Sweep function. The tool works on Windows and it has a graphical interface. You need to enter an address range before starting the sweep. The results of a sweep show each IP address in use, the host name of that device and the response time for that node.

Unfortunately, this tool is not free. The toolset is a bit pricey, but it is packed with all of the network administration tools that you are going to need. You can try out the package in a day free trial. Scans can be run through the graphical user interface GUI or the command line. Scans are multithreaded to ensure that IP addresses are found quickly. When running a search you can enter hostnames , IP address ranges , and port ranges to determine what information is displayed on the screen.

Once you activate the scan you are then shown a list of IP addresses on the screen. In practice, this allows you to check up on the status of these ports to verify that the network is secure. Being able to check up on IP addresses and port status together allows you to manage your IPs while simultaneously monitoring security vulnerabilities. You can also see the host names , MAC addresses , and operating systems of connected devices.

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To make it easier to run subsequent searches, you can save scan configurations. Being able to save configurations and results like this makes running scans and feeding back their results much easier. As a port scanning solution, SolarWinds Port Scanner is suited to those organizations that need a fast and low maintenance IP scanning solution. The option to use a GUI or command line interface makes this program accessible to users no matter which they prefer.