Criminal check with social security number

If there is one fact that all parties agreed on in this proceeding, it is that no background check is perfect.

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Assembly has recognized the possibility that the processes employed by Rasier and Lyft may in fact be as comprehensive and accurate. Rasier, through their consumer reporting agency, validates the social security number with Social Security Administration information and performs a social security trace to discover all names as well as dates of birth and address history associated with the social security number.

SSN - Social Security Number Trace- Background Checks Demystified

A wide variety of commercially available databases are used to identify any other name variations and addresses, and if any suspicious activity is uncovered it does not resume its process unless and until the applicant resolves the issue with Rasier. Their background check involves a multi-state, multi-jurisdictional search of more than 1, data sources to identify any county where an applicant may have committed a crime. Those addresses are used to search criminal offenses at the county level, including every county in Maryland.

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Rasier reruns its Maryland background checks and motor vehicle record checks every year. Many employers will conduct random drug tests of their employee population.

And, this is a best practice to defend against negligent retention. Many firms do not consider performing a criminal records search on their employee population.

This likewise is a best practice against a negligent retention lawsuit. You want to be aware of and take appropriate action against an employee who has exhibited unacceptable behavior that may pose a danger to your clients, fellow employees and the public.

Pre Employment Screening

Rasier first maintains that CJIS checks are substantially flawed and inaccurate, noting that fingerprint-based checks are inappropriate screens for work opportunities, and that the relevant government repositories are neither comprehensive nor accurate. This simple search can protect your business, organization and yourself from potential illegal activity and can give you the verification you need to move forward. Where can I go to order a social security validation check? October 23, The Holidays are fast approaching and companies are already starting to recruit extra help to deal with the huge increase in business.

Pre Employment Screening | Background Check Employment Verification

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What Does a Background Check by Social Security Number Include?

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