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Tyrone and Fayette County have worked together to overlap the projects as much as possible to minimize impacts to the travelling public. Read More. Atlanta Gas Light AGL originally estimated a calendar day relocation schedule in order for them to design, bid, and award a contractor. Fayette County and McCoy Grading have stressed the urgency of the gas line relocation and the project completion to AGL on a regular basis. McCoy Grading will begin pouring the concrete foundation, which will need to properly cure for several weeks.

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Additionally, the foundation must pass all material testing and inspections prior to the culvert structure being placed. Due to the gas line relocation delay, the Old Senoia Road opening is delayed until November Click here to for more information. Fayette County Commissioner District Map. It was approved by voters on March 21, Want to know more about Fayette County's Public Art?

Department of Homeland Security. However, it's important for all citizens to maintain the ability to receive warnings through multiple means. All citizens should obtain and use an NOAA Weather Radio at home, as well as any other means of receiving alerts possible, including smartphone apps, television, radio, etc.

Must show demonstrated knowledge and experience in work crew supervision in facility operations. Ability to work event nights, weekends and holidays as required. Ability to follow written instruction, interpret AutoCAD drawings and execute plans. Knowledge of OSHA requirements. Candidates must be able to follow orders explicitly, be capable of working as part of a team, and be able to work well with other individuals. Candidates should be able to work alone if required, and be able to complete tasks up to and including final clean up and putting tools and supplies back to their assigned storage areas.

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions: Are you a current or former employee of Spectra?

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A defendant is a person or organization against whom a court case is filed. Small claims court handles the following types of cases:. Cases that are eligible for small claims court may also be heard in district court. However, the small claims court process is usually faster and is easier to manage for people without an attorney, because there are fewer procedural requirements. Small claims cases, unlike district and superior court cases, must be filed in the county where at least one of the defendants resides.

The forms may be printed and completed in advance, or the clerk of superior court can provide you with the forms. You will need to provide the following:. Unsuccessful plaintiffs are generally held responsible for their own court costs. A party must appear in court at the appointed day and time if he or she wants to be heard by the magistrate.

A defendant may also file a counterclaim to raise a legal claim against the plaintiff. An answer can be served on the other party by regular mail, but generally a counterclaim must be served by sheriff or certified mail. Court dates are scheduled within 30 days of the day the plaintiff files the case, and usually within 10 to 15 days for eviction cases. The clerk of superior court will schedule a court date when the plaintiff files the case and will write it on the magistrate summons form, which is served on the defendant.

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If the defendant is served with a small claims case fewer than 5 days before the court date or fewer than 2 days before the court date in eviction cases , the magistrate must allow a continuance, which means rescheduling the court date. Otherwise, the magistrate decides whether to allow a continuance if a party requests it. If the other party does not consent, the party requesting a continuance must show good cause.

If the plaintiff and defendant reach a settlement or for any reason the plaintiff chooses not to proceed with the case, the plaintiff can file a voluntary dismissal using this form , so long as there are no pending compulsory counterclaims. The plaintiff may file the dismissal form prior to the court hearing or in court.

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If a dismissal is filed in advance, the parties are not expected to appear at the court hearing. Yes, but the trials are usually quick and are decided by a magistrate. There are no jury trials in small claims court. The plaintiff presents his or her case first and may testify, call witnesses, or present other evidence such as documents or recordings.

Cherokee county firefighter salary

The magistrate may ask questions of the parties and witnesses and may announce his or her decision immediately after both parties have presented their cases. Many people represent themselves in small claims court, and the process is designed to be accessible to people without an attorney. However, court personnel such as magistrates and clerks of court cannot give you legal advice about your case, and if you choose to represent yourself, you will be held to the same rules of procedure and evidence as a licensed attorney.

Yes, a business can be represented by a non-attorney authorized agent, such as an owner or employee, in small claims court.

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This guide includes information about filling out forms for small claims court. Either party can appeal the decision of the magistrate to district court for a new trial before a judge or a jury.

A notice of appeal form can be found here. A copy of the Notice of Appeal must be served on the other party. The party giving notice of appeal must timely pay the court costs for the appeal. Failure to pay the court costs will result in a dismissal of the appeal.

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If a party is unable to pay the court costs for appeal, the party may file a petition using this form to appeal as an indigent. See the Landlord and Tenant Help Topic for more information about appealing eviction cases. A court date will typically be scheduled and sent to both parties in the mail. Parties should inform both the clerk of superior court and trial court coordinator of any address change while the case is pending.