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In many jurisdictions, if the owner cannot be located, such property can be escheated to the government. These lost assets go into each state's unclaimed property fund where they stay until their rightful owners show-up. There is generally no time limit Idaho is an exception with 10 years as to how long these assets are claimed- as long as the identity of the claimant and the validity of the claim is established. In an effort to locate rightful owners of money owed, the Unclaimed Property Division in the states' Treasury Departments have outreach programs, but only a small fraction of unclaimed money they are suppose to return is successfully reunited with its rightful owners.

This is due to a lack of manpower and no centralized government unclaimed property database.

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State Treasurers urge all residents to check if their names are on the list of unclaimed property owners. These are published annually in government websites, newspapers and public places like state fairs. Most are surprised at the names which turn-up on the unclaimed lists.

And to think these people aren't even difficult to locate. With millions added every year to the unclaimed money fund, American citizens are encouraged to conduct an unclaimed property search in every state they have ever lived or worked. I have bought income tax and relatives that have passed away. I have been told I do have unclaimed money.

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I have seen an amount while looking on the internet. I spoke with someone who verified I do have unclaimed money. I was weary of giving out my credit card. I need help!!! Please let me know where I can start researching this for myself. My father was working at saps as a police officer from up until when he passed away and no claimed have been made the question is that how do I claim.

I found a list of us world war 2 bonds my grandparents bought from Feb. I have a official list of bond numbers.

How do I find out if they have ever been cashed? There is a link that will take you to the Treasury site and you can search there.

I received a savings bond as a child and the company has since closed and went out of business years ago would there still be money towards my bond or no? Kathleen, If there was money being held for you from that time, it would be under the name you had before you remarried.

You would need to look for your name under that state. If there is nothing there, you can start looking at the various counties in that state and see if there is anything there. Finally, you may have to see if there is anything in the probate court in the county that she lived in. If you know her family, you may want to see if there was an estate lawyer involved that might have information for you. Good luck!

Help caint find anything in unclaimed money but I have papers in my saying if we want to leas our part of land who can give me advice tierd of searching no results. Can you provide more specific information? My husband died 15 years ago. He suppose to receive 60, dollars in diability money he died right after that and never receive it. Is it any way that I can get any anwsers about this money.

Kansas State Treasurer: Unclaimed Property

Linda, Did you check with social security? If not, I would start with them. Then check any state he may have lived or worked in. The map on the home page will take you to the states unclaimed money department. If it takes you to a state with information on it, but not the official site, there will be a link somewhere on that page to take you to the official site.

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Please let me know if United StatesTreasury checks have any value after 25 years. I am an execator trying to settle an estate, and have found 4 uncashed Treasury checks with dates of and I need to know on the behalf of the deceaased owner before I can settle the estate. Investigator Policies. What's New News Releases. Contact Unclaimed Property Claims Assistance. Contact Unclaimed Property Holder Reporting.