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Alexander, Alkhas Benjamin, b. Apr 09, , d. Feb 22, Texas, d. Feb 03, ,, Alabama, d. Aug 20, , d. Jul 16, in Kiona, WA, d. Aug 17, in El Cajon, CA. Finley, [MH] Everett, Archie, b. May 02, , d. Cav, [MH] Grosvenor, Jo. Ohio Vol. Hicks, [MH] Hicks, Florence, b. Hicks, [MH] Hicks, J. Hicks, [MH] Hicks, Jas. Flegle, b. Lacy 2 Ferreol C. Mar 13, , d. Nov 27, , bur. Letters to Caroline Hoar daughter of E.

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Samuel Hoar papers, []; VI. Family collection primarily miscellaneous manuscript items with some connection to Hoar family or to families related by marriage , Joanna Hincksman Hoare died in Braintree in John Hoare ancestor of the Concord and Lincoln Hoars settled in Scituate, sold his land there in , and came to Concord.

He was living in Braintree in According to Henry Stedman Nourse, Daniel Hoare was a trader in Boston, although he does not show up in the Boston records as a resident or property owner. Lincoln historian Margaret Martin reports that Daniel owed Thomas Flint money, that he spent some time in Virginia, and that he is thought to have died in England. Leonard graduated from Harvard College in , returned to England in , came back to New England in , and served as president of Harvard College from to Joanna married Edmund Quincy in , died in John's son Daniel married Mary Stratton in Concord in John's and Esther's son Samuel was born in , in what would become Lincoln in He was later a Massachusetts representative and senator.

Samuel's son lawyer Samuel , born in Lincoln, is the earliest member of the family whose papers are represented in this collection. He married Sarah Sherman in Their children: Elizabeth , who was engaged to be married to Emerson's brother Charles died ; Ebenezer Rockwood , lawyer, judge, congressman, and Attorney General of the United States; Sarah Sherman born in , who married Robert B. Storer in ; Samuel Johnson ; Edward Sherman ; and George Frisbie , lawyer and United States senator and representative.

Ebenezer's son Samuel , also a lawyer, married Kate Wise in Baltimore in She died in Putnam Wadleigh. Their children: Samuel ; and John Lawyer Samuel Hoar , grandson of E. Helen V. Hoar died in Their children: Cynthia born in Concord in ; married James B.

Fisk; died in ; Virginia born in Boston in ; later Mrs. Virginia H. Ford; currently a resident of Essex, Massachusetts. He was born in Lincoln, Massachusetts, on May 18, Prepared for college by the Rev. Charles Stearns, he graduated from Harvard College in , earning tuition by teaching school in winter.

He spent two years in Virginia as a private tutor to the children of the Tyloe family, studied law with Artemas Ward in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and was admitted to the bar in He practiced law in Concord from He was highly respected and influential in the bar of Middlesex County. With their six children, they made their home on Main Street in Concord, in what is now He served as a delegate to the Massachusetts constitutional convention of , and as a member of the state senate in , , and During his tenure in Washington, he upheld the power of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia.

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In , accompanied by his daughter Elizabeth, he went to South Carolina to test the constitutionality of that state's law, under which free black Massachusetts sailors were seized, imprisoned, and sometimes sold into slavery. Threatened with mob violence, Hoar was forced to leave South Carolina against his will.

In , Hoar was elected to the Massachusetts Governor's Council. He became a state representative in In , he chaired a committee appointed by the citizens of Concord to call a meeting of prominent public figures at the American House in Boston July 7, in order to form a new party and to call a state convention.

Precipitated by anger over the Kansas-Nebraska bill, this convention held in Worcester on September 7, resulted in the formation of the Republican Party of Massachusetts out of the Free Soil Party.


Samuel Hoar was active in Concord town and church government, and as an advocate of temperance and education, as well as in state and national politics. He served many times as moderator of Concord's town meeting. He died in , his wife in Their daughter Elizabeth remained in the Main Street house after the death of her parents. A cultivated and sociable man with a good sense of humor, he was as comfortable among members of the Saturday Club as he was in a court of law.

Known familiarly as "Rockwood," E. He graduated from Harvard College in , began the study of law in his father's office, and graduated from Harvard Law School in Hoar was a Whig, a Free Soiler, and a Republican.

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On November 20, , E. Hoar's half-brother was George Merrick Brooks, a lawyer and probate judge. Grant from to , and a representative in the United States Congress from to He was also a proponent of abolition. In , when United States Marshal's deputies attempted to arrest F. Hoar issued the writ of habeas corpus that prevented them from doing so.

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He was passed over, however, largely because of his insistence on filling public positions on the basis of competence and merit rather than patronage. In , Hoar agreed to serve on a joint commission to frame a treaty to settle the Alabama claims against Great Britain for damage done during the Civil War by Confederate warships built in Liverpool.

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In , Hoar ran against Benjamin Butler for Congress, but was defeated. He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in the same year. Norton and of its offshoot the Adirondack Club. He was a member of the Committee on General Invitations for the celebration in Concord of the centennial of the Concord Fight. Ulysses S. Grant was Hoar's guest while in Concord for the celebration.

Hoar died on June 23, , Mr. Hoar on January 31, He spent childhood summers in Acton and with Tarbell relatives in Lincoln, doing farm work. In , eager to take part in the Civil War, he enlisted without parental consent in a Maine regiment, in Portland. His father had him transferred to Company E of the 48th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, which left Massachusetts for New York on December 27, , moved on to New Orleans, and, after several months of camp duty in Baton Rouge, was involved in the attack on Port Hudson.

Port Hudson was surrendered July 8, Samuel Hoar took part in active fighting, conducting himself honorably. He kept a diary and wrote detailed letters home recording his military experiences and his observations on the local landscape and people. He became ill in July of , was sent home in August, and mustered out on September 3.

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  7. Samuel Hoar entered Harvard in , graduated in He was a member of the Hasty Pudding Club and Institute of there. After graduation, he studied law with his uncle George Frisbie Hoar in Worcester, Massachusetts , clerked in the offices of William M.