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It was the Porsche The decade ended on a high note with the introduction of off-road cars. These RC cars were designed with powerful motors, rear suspension, and rubber textured tires in various sizes. They had a dune buggy shape to their body that allowed it to easily handle rough terrain. Tamiya released two versions; the Sand Scorcher and the Rough Rider. It was held in Geneva with Phil Booth as the ultimate winner.

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Enthusiasts refer to this year as the start of the golden era in RC cars because you no longer had to stick to the smooth paved surfaces with your vehicles. The popularity of RC cars continued on into the s. They advanced from simple scale models to high-performance vehicles. The popularity of the hobby increased by leaps and bounds.

During the 80s, several United States-based companies emerged with top performing vehicles. Among these manufacturers were Traxxas, Associated Electronics, and Losi. Associated Electronics came out with their award-winning RC10 buggy in This high-grade car included an aluminum alloy, aircraft-grade body chassis. It even had a transmission that had an adjustable ball differential. It was made to tackle dusty and slippery surfaces and was faster than the 2WD versions. Within a year even more powerful 4WD off-road models were introduced that could reach speeds up to 40mph.


What could be more fun? These lightweight vehicles were designed to compete at high speeds on an oval track.

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He topped his own record with the same model in the 90s when he reached an amazing 70mph on a bicycle track. Enthusiasts were racing and demanding faster vehicles. Second is the Kyosho Burns, that actually was the first 8th scale offroad car that could be built by a 10y. What about the release of the HPI savage and the axial scx10? Both were major, since the scx10 brought scale crawling to the masses there is almost always at least one honcho or dingo at the scale comps I go to and the savage, it was another huge release.

I think their should be a section of pan car era. Where there was about entries every single year and their was only a stock, mod and seniors class. I think Tamiya Holds that honor with an on road car. First ESC. Thinking servos for some reason. Trinity and Reedy for brushed motors. Trinity had their Epic based motors and Reedy had their Yokomo based motors.

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Both were at the forefront of the brushed motors and just about all other motors were based off of one or the other motor design. First Truggy kit. I think Cen hols that one, though the truggy market seemed to really take off when the Jammin CRT hit the market. For that I would probably include both. Foe elec. I think the airplane guys had been using that tech. On the Nitro side. Talking motors here, both OS and Novarossi have set the standard to which everyone else either tries to out perform or copy. He is without a doubt the winningest Driver ever in the history of RC.

That alone would put him in the history books, but the other reason include him is for his ability.

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He could wheel anything in RC and most likely win. In a time when most top Teams had seperate onroad and offroad teams, he could do it all. Something that now seems to be more of the norm.

Tires and wheels. The milestone here was the advent of the one peice wheel, from the heavier three peice design. Though some still use that design or prefer it. Second part is the advent of foams in the tires. To the more common softer tire compounds that are better suited for racing and track conditions.

Premount tires. Last nitro related thing would be Ron Paris. The grandfather of nitro motor modding. His work helped spawn many ideas for motor modding and helped to make a market for motor modding. Finally the single biggest milestone in all of RC in my opinion was the internet. The internet was a total game changer. Talking on line shoping here. Sure it helped to put some smaller shops out of business, yet it also helped some shops stay in business. It also helped to keep some prices in check for the consumer.

Fact is it changed the way people buy and the way businesses do business. Race flyers for Big events. With the advent of the internet, waiting for the event flyer to show up in the mags can be the difference of making the event or not. With on line entries and being able to pay for that entry, many more racers have the ability to plan for big race events and it also gives the event orginizers a fair idea of how many racer to ecpect for an event.

Though part me is a bit sad to see the shift away from the days of seeing the race flyer in the mag and quickly ripping it out, filling it out and sending it in as soon as you could to make the entry list, I do like being able to plan for events further out. Bitter sweet I guess. LIve RC. Not good for race coverage in the mags, though I still look forward to reading about them in the mags, it changed the way race coverage was done.

Live Rc brought event coverage to the masses. With over 50 designs available you'll have no excuse for that one-color-wonder. We also repair and custom build RC cars and RC trucks.

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Majorette cars aren't up to par to their old counterparts. Welcome to The Traxxas Model Showroom. We helped to initiate and open up a market for Large Scale Cars and Trucks so that they could become more common in the US. Designed Fast. Features discussion forums, blogs, videos and classifieds.

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