How can i find out someones social security number

One cause is the theft of mailed government documents that display SSNs and other personal information.

Why Would Someone Change Their Social Security Number?

This new law restricts the inclusion of SSNs on documents mailed by the Federal government. According to the law, five years from now, Federal agencies cannot include a full SSN on any mailed item, unless the head of the agency deems it necessary and approves it. The first report would document all correspondence used by the agency in the prior year that included a full SSN. Additionally, the agency would include its implementation plan for removing the SSN from mailed correspondence.

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Agencies must also outline instructions for partial redaction where possible and require that the SSN not be visible on the outside of any mailed item. Look for the required "disclosure" form. The form should state if giving the number is required or optional, how it will be used, and the agency's legal authority to ask for it. A California law bars organizations from publicly displaying SSNs 2. The law prohibits:. Victims of identity theft sometimes want to change their Social Security number.

The Social Security Administration very rarely allows this. In fact, there are drawbacks to changing your number.


How Social Security Numbers Work

It could result in losing your credit history, your academic records, and your professional degrees. The absence of any credit history under the new SSN would make it difficult for you to get credit, rent an apartment, or open a bank account. You can get a copy by calling , or online at www. Code a. Back to link 1. Be extra careful about jotting down your Social Security number or leaving it in paper forms, thieves sometimes rummage through trash looking for receipts, credit card bills and, of course, Social Security numbers they can use.

Make sure you shred your documents and paperwork when you throw them away. In summary, guard your Social Security number like your life depended on it! Well, because it really does.

5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

Surprise, surprise. A criminal can use your Social Security number to - yep, you guessed it - commit more crimes. For example, if the thief gets caught and arrested for a crime, he or she can give your stolen Social Security number out to the police. The consequences of this switcheroo are not hard to imagine.

Social Security Number Verifications

You can be stuck with a crime you didn't commit, tainting your criminal background checks and your chances for employment. Again, clearing your name might take years so it's definitely a bad spot to be in. Banks use your Social Security number as their main means of getting information about you. Yep, yours. These unpaid bills can definitely show up on your credit report, affecting your score and your chances of getting a loan or another credit account down the road.

The worst part is this - it can take years before fraudulent activities are stricken from your credit report, affecting your overall credit score in the meantime. It's a double whammy of sorts.

Need To Find Someone's Social Security Number?

Someone with your Social Security number can use your medical benefits and insurance to buy medicine, get treatment and even have surgery on your dime. And if surprise medical bills aren't enough to rattle you, these fraudulent medical records can literally kill you. With all the inaccurate information brought in by scammers to your medical records, misdiagnoses and wrong treatments are likely.