Information about criminal justice job titles

Students find the subject matter of criminology fascinating and the abundant career opportunities encouraging. Graduates are prepared to directly enter the profession in fields such as corrections, probation and parole, police services or to continue on to graduate school and law school. The rigorous curriculum empowers students with a deep understanding of crime and justice as well as an appreciation of American society and its diversity.

Several sociology courses are also required to complete the major.

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  • Criminal Justice Salaries | Guide to Careers and Salary Scales.
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  • Popular Jobs You Can Get With a Criminal Justice Degree.

Students are encouraged to complete a practicum internship in a criminal justice agency. Junior and senior-level students may enroll in the practicum program. Law Enforcement Jobs. American Bar Association Career Corner. Association of Corporate Counsel. Careers in The Law.

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Internet Legal Rasearch Group. National Association for Law Placement. National Federation of Paralegal Associations. NC Court System. If you are excited by the prospect of working to fight terrorism, cybercrime, human trafficking, public corruption and organized crime, then a career with our federal government may be for you. Many criminal justice graduates choose employment in the specialized branch of law enforcement that staffs our prisons, jails and federal, state and county probation agencies.

In colleges across the country, criminal justice classes study patterns of deviance, shifting community norms and legal theory. Whether you believe that our laws established criminal penalties primarily for deterrence, retribution or correction and reintegration of offenders into society, corrections staff and probation officers are on the front lines of the criminal justice system every day.

Career Paths

The corrections system is at a crossroads today. While some states are revisiting criminal penalties for increasingly acceptable social behaviors such as possession of marijuana, our state and federal prison populations have never been higher.

Top 10 Entry Level Criminal Justice Jobs

The media blares out dire warnings about prisoners who are being granted early release due to overcrowding or speedy trial concerns. Inmates are suing departments of corrections civilly for alleged constitutional violations. You may be conducting a parole hearing, writing an incident report, holding a pre-release counseling session with an inmate, participating in a cell extraction or testifying in court.

Administration of Justice

A career as a corrections officer or probation officer offers unparalleled variety and can represent the culmination of your years of college study in the field of criminal justice. Opportunities for entry level correction and probation officers have been increasing in recent years due to the construction of new prisons and as a result of hiring by private companies that are taking over facility contracts from municipal governments.

You may think of a teacher as someone who has to control unruly elementary, middle school or high school kids all day. Such a prospect may seem about as far as one can get from a criminal justice degree. And yet, each year many undergraduates studying criminal justice also complete their state teaching credential. Among skills gained by criminal justice majors that are valuable to teachers are the ability to make coherent presentations, decision making skills, appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism, an understanding of ethics and moral values, and computer literacy.

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  5. Criminal Justice Careers – Criminal Justice Jobs & Salaries!
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  8. Opportunities to combine teaching with law enforcement exist in many state and federal government agencies. For example, among the careers listed by the federal Transportation Security Administration TSA on its website are instructor, curriculum specialist and program analyst. It happens every day at a court near you: A thick packet arrives in the mail; it turns out to be a writ of habeas corpus handwritten on lined paper torn out of a spiral notebook by an inmate who has already served years at a state prison and now claims that there is new evidence to exonerate him.

    10 Careers from a Criminology or Criminal Justice Degree

    A woman walks into the courthouse in tears her two young children in tow and explains to the clerk in broken English that her boyfriend has just beaten her up, stolen her car and threatened to take her kids away if she tells anyone. A local resident comes to court to complain that a warrant has been sworn out for his arrest on a misdemeanor citation that does not belong to him.

    Criminal justice graduates are in a unique position to help our friends and neighbors who may be angry, confused and upset over their entanglements with the legal system. Fortunately, a career in the federal or state courts does not require the many years of graduate study undertaken by attorneys and judges. Among the available roles for criminal justice majors are bailiff, courtroom assistant, court clerk, criminal law supervisor, court manager, case administrator, court operations specialist, pretrial services officer and family law mediator.

    Salaries vary greatly by position and geographic location. Forensics is one part of the criminal justice system in which the scientific method is as important as proper police procedure. Work in this area requires equal familiarity with a microscope and an interview room. Expertise in forensics can easily lead to six-figure salaries and is likely some of the most fascinating work available to criminal justice graduates.

    Criminal Justice Careers List

    Professionals may work in the private sector as well as in government jobs working for local, state, and federal law enforcement, courts, and corrections. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in careers such as police and detectives, correctional officers, and security officers is expected to be favorable for the period between and Careers in criminal justice tend to attract individuals that like working with people and want to improve our communities. Skills vary by profession, from physical stamina requirements in many law enforcement positions, to science and computer skills in forensic work, to good communication and people skills in corrections work.

    Generally, individuals should have sound judgment and integrity, with respect for the law. Many jobs require background checks and security clearances. A variety of occupations are available to criminal justice professionals of all levels. The following are some examples of criminal justice careers:.