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Mustang History

CarMax Warranty for Porsche? A few years ago Doug DeMaro, who writes a automotive column How to read a car history.

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I have been scoping out the carfax histories of used Caymans and have some questions about certain occurances in a used cars history and what it might mean. One of the thing that I have noticed, is that come cars sit around for months before they are sold.


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Sometimes they end up being sold to After reading this forum five times a day since the rollout on June 27th , I'm finally going to post a topic. First, thanks to everyone for all of their commentary as it has helped me immensely in my decision making. A special shout out to Mike R for the advice on the smoking package How many Porsches have you owned? Most Porsche aficionados I know have owned more than one Porsche. The brand seems to be addicting once you bite the bullet.

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I'm curious how many have owned more than one Porsche during their driving career. Is it the Brand?

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The engineering? The driving experience? I recently found this site during my used Cayman search and wanted to share. It's the only place I found that generates a free build sheet based on VIN, besides calling the local Porsche dealer.

Know every feature, every option - AND what it cost.

Another good site for checking on About this Discussion. Planet-9 Porsche Forum. Explore Our Forums. Joined Dec 17, I was cleaning my new Challenger recently and discovered a build type of sheet in the rear pocket of the passenger seat.

Finding Window Sticker using VIN number for Volvo?

The dealer had my original special order window sticker laminated. Joined Oct 31, Prostreetamx said:. I didn't even know I had a seat back pocket so maybe they didn't either. Join the discussion.

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    Decoding and Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / VIN's

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    Window Sticker and Build Sheet lookup

    Does straight pipe kill the SRT ? General Challenger Discussion. Hey guys, just wanted to know if straight piping my srt would be damaging my car in the long run. One year of frustrations So I have named this car Murphy. It all started one rainy night in December when I was driving home from our company Christmas party last year. I need a nice toy Challenger for my grandson General Challenger Discussion.