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Fees cut for passengers with a disability.

Read more about Fees cut for passengers with a disability. NDIS set to deliver outcomes for people with disability in Cairns. Queensland Government media release With the rollout of the NDIS locally from 1 July, Cairns region residents with disability are being encouraged by the Palaszczuk Government to check their eligibility and take up the opportunity to sign up to the scheme. Speaking about the rollout of the NDIS Public Guardian recognises excellence by the community sector in upholding human rights.

The Public Guardian last week awarded Townsville local, Kris Hood, with the Public Guardian Excellence Award for her role in supporting and advocating for clients with a disability. Read more about Public Guardian recognises excellence by the community sector in upholding human rights. This means there will be changes for WorkAbility Employment Marketta events across the state.

This can help if:

Is your workforce NDIS-ready? WorkAbility Queensland and the local workforce action group are taking registrations for the Greater South East Queensland and Employment Marketta events. The Marketta is a vibrant and interactive 'market place' connecting providers to the many commonwealth, state and Read more about WorkAbility Employment Marketta events across the state.

Supporting culturally and linguistically diverse people

Are you looking for support in Queensland, or trying to find a service that meets your needs? Now you can search oneplace , the service directory hosted by the Queensland Family and Child Commission. Read more about oneplace community services directory. National Disability Services. Peak organisation for community services organisations supporting people with a disability. Read more about National Disability Services. People with a Disability. Queensland Government web portal with resources to support people with a disablity.

Read more about People with a Disability. Disability and Community Care Services Queensland. Queensland government departmental website www. Legal advice. Videos for community, health and education workers can be found here and include their published community legal education webinars.

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Upcoming webinars can be found on the Information for Read more about Legal advice. Disaster Management. The Queensland Disaster Management website and the Get Ready website have a range of information and useful resources that can assist you to plan and prepare for an emergency. As part of your preparedness and planning for weather events, access regular weather forecast updates from the Bureau of Read more about Disaster Management.

NDIS tools and resources. The project was delivered by the Nous Read more about NDIS tools and resources. Queensland NDIS events calendar. The Queensland Government has introduced an online Queensland NDIS events calendar to connect Queenslanders with disability, their families and carers, businesses and service providers with NDIS related events across the state. The new tool allows people to search for events by region or audience As I have discovered, there are cultural differences between what on the surface appear to be similar cultures.

I can remember visiting the States on many occasions before I came to live here. The first time was with my family and I recall going to a restaurant. We ordered our meal and included a salad. The salad arrived after a few minutes.

Twenty minutes later, we were still waiting for our meal and still looking at our salad. We eventually worked out the problem. In the US you eat the salad before the main meal.

Cultural diversity

This was after we got over the difference in labels of the various course. I can recall another miscommunication that could have caused a very unfortunate incident on another trip to the US. I had come to attend a conference and was hosting a meal for some advisers from Australia one evening. After the meal the waitress came and asked for coffee orders. I asked for a long black.

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She looked at me then moved on to the next person. Then she came back and asked me again, I repeated, a long black. She looked at me strangely before going on to take the rest of the orders. She then came back to me and said, I am sorry, what exactly is a long black? As anyone who lives in America knows as I now do as well coffee is usually served here black, with cream or milk to Brits.

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I explained that a long black was a large black coffee as opposed to a short black which was a small black coffee. She explained that the cups were all the same size and that they provided endless refills. I suddenly understood her confusion. To further illustrate some differences I have collected some examples of gift giving. You would think giving a gift is pretty safe, think again, it is actually it is a mine field. You can end up making a serious mistake. What you give, how you give it, to whom you give it, when you give it and, if in Japan, how that gift is wrapped are all important issues that if not carried out in the correct manner can have the opposite effect that intended.

People with a Chinese cultural background have a collectivist attitude I will explain this another time and accept gifts with a reserved demeanor. But, how you give the gift is also important. It will be set aside and opened later. Zandt Malta offers a clear mixture of the very best that history brought this Mediterranean pebble over the centuries.

Even the Maltese economic environment shows diverse traits of different origins, most prominently the British-like traditional and conservative approach to conducting business, combined with high levels of timekeeping and reliability. Personal acknowledgement is an important pillar under common negotiation processes; high attention and sufficient time is generally given to issues not directly related to the business matter, e.

Corporate interactions in Malta are largely based on established relationships, not in the least supported by the relatively large amount of family-run enterprises existing. Maintaining and, where possible, improving these relationships is a key factor for current and future business success. New market entrants — both local and foreign — can be taught patience when attempting to establish fruitful relationships; once established, it proves long lasting. Maltese businesspeople are assertive negotiators, who clearly know what they want and with a strong will to excel.

A wide international orientation is combined with a strong ability to make and take the best out of any emerging business opportunity. The importance of maintaining and improving business relationships has proven to be the foundation under which corporate negotiations and disputes are handled.

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Upon dispute emergence, a significant number of efforts are undertaken to avoid escalation. These attempts are directly targeted at the dispute partner s , most commonly through face-to-face negotiations as is facilitated by the small distances on Malta. Still, nearly every unresolved dispute is referred to a third party, instructed by a disputant to act on his behalf. Disputes with stakeholders external to the organization e. Disagreements with internal stakeholders are preferably handled by a third party internal to the organization e.

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