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Tax Records Research. California provided several ports and points of entry for immigrants. San Francisco, in the north, is the largest.

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In the south, at the mouth of the Los Angeles Harbor are the ports of San Pedro, Wilmington, and Los Angeles; however, these are considered one port of entry in passenger arrivals by sea. Many immigrants in this period were from China and Japan, but a good number were from Europe, Australia, India, Chile, Peru, and elsewhere. Below is a list of NARA resources and some compilations. Other record types can serve to document immigrants from outside the United States and emigrants from within the United States, such as records for the Russian Consular in San Francisco — , which document Jews, Poles, Ukranians, Lithuanians, and Finns, among others.

In addition, the names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger and crew lists, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration NARA microfilm.

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Immigration Records Research. California Court Records The California court system has four levels of jurisdiction: the municipal court, which largely took the place of the earlier justice of the peace court at the local level; the superior court, a countywide court that handles both civil and criminal cases and cases involving minors; the six district courts of appeal, which review all cases coming from the superior courts except those involving the death penalty; and the state supreme court, which takes extraordinary writs, all appeals in death penalty cases, and may review all other appeals.

California Land Records The earliest land records relate to the Spanish — and Mexican —48 eras and are mostly in Spanish. BLM Land Records glorecords. California Probate Records The court that has jurisdiction over an estate is the superior court in the county in which the person resided at the time of his or her death. California Tax Records The U. The first sequence represents naturalizations , the second naturalization from to Some cards also include the declaration number, the date of declaration, volume and page number of the declaration, certification number, and date of issuance.

California Passenger and Crew Lists, search. In addition, the names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger and crew lists, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration NARA microfilm California, Northern U. District Court Naturalization Index, familysearch. District Court for the Northern District of California, ca. Forgot Password. Please enter your email address or username below. Please Signup. Pick Volunteer or Subscriber. Spaces, special symbols or capital letters are not allowed!

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Remember me. Lost Your Password. Dont have account? The group was formed in recognition of the unique and historic nature of downtown Santa Barbara and the effort to ensure community input. Council staff will also hold public meetings at key milestones in the design process to ensure the community is informed about the project and will solicit input regarding the project design. These three vehicles are being established so that the project architect is able to develop a building that meets the court's operational needs, as well as reflects community input.

The architect is committed to producing a highly functional, high-quality courthouse design that will complement and enhance the architectural context of historic, downtown Santa Barbara. Prior to construction, the Court will vacate the Figueroa Division, which will be demolished to make way for the new criminal courthouse. When the new courthouse is completed, the historic Anacapa Courthouse will continue to hear civil cases.

The County, which owns the Jury Services building, will decide what to do with that facility when the court vacates it. Judicial Council staff worked closely with the Superior Court and the Project Advisory Group, which includes community, legal, and government leaders to determine the preferred and alternate site.

Council staff followed a standard site selection process. Why does the Judicial Council decide where the new court is built? Why isn't this a County decision? Historically, trial courts functioned largely as county departments, but that changed in , with passage of the Trial Court Facilities Act.

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This law made the State of California responsible for court facilities statewide, rather than the counties. The law gave the Judicial Council responsibility for facilities owned or occupied by the courts and made it responsible for operations, maintenance, and repairs, as well as site acquisition, planning, design, and construction of capital projects that replace or renovate courthouses.

Santa Barbara, Lompoc and Santa Maria Courts

Council staff work closely with each affected Superior Court and the Project Advisory Group throughout the site selection process. Staff completed a thorough analysis of the proposed project before filing a Notice of Exemption on April 12, The building will be designed with attention to sustainability.

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Green Building Council. Senate Bill created the initial funding stream for the project. Council staff develop each project budget by first determining the building size, site size, and number of parking spaces. Then it provides this information to a professional cost estimating firm that creates a hard construction cost for the building and site work.

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To this, staff add all project soft costs, which includes all costs associated with evaluating, selecting, and acquiring a site, analysis required to comply with CEQA, the fee for the architecture and engineering team, geotechnical testing, project management and construction management fees, commissioning fees, and the cost of furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

As a result, this project, as of all courthouse projects statewide, was subjected to delays, and has been required by the Judicial Council to undergo reductions in its construction budget, overseen by a statewide oversight committee of justices, judges, and public building experts. In business for over 30 years, the company provides architecture and sustainable design services and urban planning and interior design for civic, government, education, and transportation and mixed-use projects.

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Judicial Council staff follow a competitive, qualifications-based process to select the architects. Qualifications under consideration include the experience of the design and technical staff, the previous experience of the firm, and other criteria. Once the firm is selected, the fee is negotiated, and an award is made. The CMAR is retained early in the project for preconstruction services. Following a competitive bid for all subcontracts and the approval to award, the CMAR becomes the general contractor.

What are the Judicial Council's policies with regard to local hiring and purchasing during design and construction? How will members of the public find out about these opportunities? Once bonds are sold for this project and it is ready to be put out to bid, the construction manager at risk will become the general contractor.

Before the project goes into construction, the contractor will conduct an outreach to local subcontractors, ensuring that qualified local firms are fully aware of the bidding opportunity, process, and timeline. All qualified subcontractors, lower-tier subcontractors, and suppliers will be considered. Also, the transcripts from the Criminal Grand Jury testimony resulting in the indictment in this case, will be posted to the Exemplaris website.

Find the daily transcript for the Michael Jackson case in Exemplaris by searching for the case number, , in the text box before logging in, or by logging in and selecting "High Profile State Case" from the Court list in the Advanced Power Search screen. Note that the Exemplaris website provider will assess a fee for each transcript.

Transcripts available for this site are a private agreement between the court reporters and the vendor.