Watch what people search for on the internet

Google says this gives you "access to your data when and where you want":. Of course, what you may very well like to do is copy me, by not only deleting the search history that Google stores on its servers, but also prevent future searches from being saved.

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Google provides instructions on how to do that here. Ultimately you should never forget that there is a very good reason why Google isn't charging you money for using its services. You're not Google's customer. The data you give Google about yourself is what it effectively sells, analysing it to allow advertisers to target you more closely.

Are you being tracked on internet? Know how to find out

If you don't like the thought of how much information Google is gathering about you, take control of your own data and stop feeding it information. If you click this, you can view all your recent story posts, and which of your friends have viewed those posts. But there has been enough research conducted to know that the all the following factors are considered. You can access this by clicking the down arrow beside your profile name and selecting Analytics. This page will show you who your top follower is, and the general performance of all your tweets.

You can see demographics like gender, household income, and interests of your followers. This may not tell you the names of people looking for you on Twitter, but it at least tells you their interests so you can tailor the topics you tweet about for your followers.

25 Google Search Statistics to Bookmark ASAP

A profile website is a fantastic way to easily share your background and career experience with potential employers. If you embed Google Analytics into this site, you can gather a lot of information about the people who are looking for information about you on the web. Google Analytics may not provide the names of the people who visit your site, but you can learn just about anything else. For example, Google Analytics will provide:.

2. Don’t search for information on medical issues or drugs

This information can give you some insight into the type of people who are searching for you online. So, the Google way of advertising is quite simply showing you advertisements that are tailored to your needs. So, your Google searches, voice searches, location changes, all are tracked and stored by Google so that the advertisements can be as tailored and accurate as they can be.

But Google is not the only big corporate that does targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is the easiest way for a user to know that his movements in the web world are being tracked, but companies still do it because that is how integral the cyber space has become to human life. All get to know about you Another basic example of user activity being tracked on the internet is the inter-connectivity between different websites.

Let's take the example of e-commerce and social media. It is easy to notice that as soon as one searches for a product on Amazon or Flipkart , various advertisements of similar products appear on your Facebook home page. It would make sense for a user to divulge such information for a tangible benefit or reward. But on the internet, allowing yourself to be tracked brings you only an advertisement, and you don't have a say in whether you want to see that ad or not.

So it is important that users take control back and ensure that they are suitably protected on the web. Malicious tracking Google keeping a dossier on you is not as dangerous as a cyber criminal tracking your moves. It can happen through malware that get installed on your computer, your smart TV or even your webcam. Always keep your webcam covered. There is malware that can get into your computer or smart device and switch on cameras and recorders to access your private activities. According to Kaspersky Lab , these are certain ways in which you can manage your privacy and ensure that you are not tracked on the internet.

Monitoring your outgoing traffic 1. Type 'netstat' next to the prompt and press 'Enter' to generate a list of all outgoing data transmissions. The Netstat command works best when you have as few applications opened as possible, preferably just one Internet browser.

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The Netstat generates a list of Internet Protocol IP addresses that your computer is sending information to. Some of these IP address are legitimate and correspond to websites or services that you are using. Document each IP address reported by Netstat and launch a Web browser.

Enter each IP address into your browser's address bar and press 'Enter' to attempt to locate where the information is being sent. Locating stealth apps 1.

Right-click your taskbar and select 'Start Task Manager' to launch your task manager, a list of all running processes on your computer. Close all programmes except for one Web browser.

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Select the 'Processes' tab, then select 'User Name' and browse through the list to view all processes running on your computer. Processes that do not include your username may be an indication of malicious software running on your computer.